​​​The Challenge


Karma is easy to understand; making it profitable should be as well.

  1. Good or Bad, Karma returns in kind. Purchase "Family Food Gifts" for those in need!
  2. Karma rewards commitment. Commit to that purchase once a month and rewards will follow!
  3. Rewards depend upon the amount of good Karma you spread. Spread Karma, talk about it! The more you give the more you get!
Karma Not Charity!

Karmic Return​

Every family has a beginning. When you choose to take "The Challenge" - you are starting a family in Karma. You are the seed and as you talk about Karma your family tree will grow; 1st & 2nd generations, cousins, aunts, uncles, etc... Just like any family, without Grandma & Grandpa, none of us would be here to merit a "Karmic Return". Our method of paying the Karmic Return is a unilevel compensation plan. Nine Generations you will directly feel Karma in action. To qualify for our "Profit Sharing Program" all it takes is the purchase of a "Family Food Gift" each month, which makes you a member of the "C.I.A.", and entitles you to Karmic Returns.

Profit Sharing Program

Generations in your business % of sharing
1 4%
2 4%
3 8%
4 4%
5 4%
6 4%
7 4%
8 4%
9 4%
  Total 40

How $50 Becomes Karma​

40% - Family Food Gifts

To help soothe the sufferings of someone else in need is a great act of Karma. We do this by guaranteeing that 40% of every dollar goes towards purchasing food to feed our local communities.

40% - Profit Sharing Program

Karma knows commitment & rewards the worthy,so does Karma Incarnate. We support our "Families" & reward our Community Impact Agents with Karmic Returns. All it takes to qualify is a $50 "Continuing Impact Commitment" (C.I.C.)

​20% - Business Operations

  • Accounting
  • Legal service
  • IT support
  • Graphic & Web design
  • A/V Production
  • Maintenance
  • Shipping & Handling
  • Personal Tools
  • Karma Cards
  • RND

Karmic Milestones

Few in the history of humanity have attempted the path that you are about to embark. Commit to Karma & keep track with the Karmic Milestones so you can see how big of an impact you are making. Karma united with persistance will bring blessings to your community and your life. After all that is good Karma!

"Family Tree Volume" (FTV)​

“Advocate of Karma” $1,000 FTV

“Defender of Karma” $10,000 FTV

“Guardian of Karma” $50,000 FTV

“Champion of Karma” $100,000 FTV

“Visionary of Karma” $500,000 FTV

***Karma keeps track so please get the agent number from the person who intruduced you to The Challenge***
If you have any questions or would like more information, please email info@karmaincarnate.com

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